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About Tia T.


Namaste! My name is Tracey U. and it's a privilege to offer you my line of herbal products to support the mind, body, & soul.

Many items are made-to-order and each item is crafted by hand in small batches from my home in Tampa, Florida. I use high quality, mostly organic, local when available ingredients & high-frequency intention.

I left the corporate world almost a decade ago due to stress and an overall sense of unhappiness. I tried the Western approach of therapy and pharmaceuticals to bring relief but found they only added to my sense of dis-ease.

My inner voice guided me to start practicing yoga and meditation and my life shifted almost immediately. I was able to honor myself, and my soul, in a way I never did, which eventually led to enrolling in yoga teacher training. In the role of teacher & guide, I'm honored to share the wisdom and self-care the practice offers. Being the perpetual student I continued my studies diving deeper into Yoga & Meditation and then into Aromatherapy, Herbalism, and a variety of esoteric subject areas including the energy healing modalities of Reiki & Pranic Healing and the spiritual arts of Tarot and Channeling.

If you're interested in a product or have a special request please drop me a line. I'll prioritize it and let you know!

A very happy Tia T on her birthday.

With many blessings & mucho amor!  ~ Tia T.

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