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Freshen and clear your environment with our All-Natural Herbal Air Fresheners!


Each set includes a 2oz Spray and enough HAF Concentrate for at least 5 more refills of the spray when following recommended dilution rates.


As an added bonus, the set also includes a 10ml Travel-size spritz to bring your favorite scent wherever you go! 




  • Tropical Grove Nuetralizes unpleasant odors. Use sparingly where strong odors are present. Great for Bathroom, Lockers, and Vehicles.

 ~~ A modesty spray in the bowl prior to going is worth 3 in retrospect :)

  • Forest Grove - Brings the freshness of the great outdoors in. Nice for vehicles, dog-bed friendly.
  • Clear the Way! - Aids in clearing a space of viral & unwanted microbes. Safe to use on surfaces! (Inspired by Thieves' Spray)
  • Breathe Easy - Allows relief for nasal congestion Spritz on a tissue and inhale for quick relief.
  • Sweet Dreams - Restorative sleep and insighful dream recall is intended for this blend. Spray lightly over pillow or covers to create an inviting and sacred sleep space.

Herbal Air Freshener Set (w/ Refill Concentrate)

SKU: 0001
  • Each Herbal Air Freshener purchase includes a 2 oz spray of your chosen scent AND a bottle of HAF Concentrate for 3 more refills! That's like getting 4 bottles (8 oz) for one low price. Just add the recommended amount of HAF Concentrate to clean water.

    Bonus: Also includes a Travel Size spritzer to have when you are away from home - whether at work or traveling on holiday you can always be surrounded by your preferred scents.

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